Encore Property Management was founded in 1992 by Susan Beaver to provide a personalized service to Homeowner Associations she felt was lacking in the property management industry.

We maintain that a smaller management company can provide management services superior to those offered by large property management companies. We believe in order for a Homeowner’s Association to be successful, the Board of Directors must be educated in the management of their individual communities.

Our success is attributed to its in-depth knowledge of the residential building industry. We have the unique ability to address a variety of homeowner concerns in an expeditious manner.

Our mission is to provide continuous quality customer service. Each community manager at Encore Property Management carries the CCAM designation from the California Association of Community Managers or is in training to earn the CCAM designation. We are committed to continuing education and providing highly skilled and trained personnel to our clients.

Homeowners Associations

We pride ourselves on our customer service. It is our philosophy that the only tangible product our homeowners and Board Members have access to is our customer service. All other services we provide run in the “background.” These services include:
  • Full Financial Services, which include A/R, A/P, Reconciliation’s and Investment Monitoring
  • Architectural Review Monitoring, Coordination and Tracking
  • CC&R Enforcement and Landscape/Property/Facilities Inspections
  • Vendor Contract Negotiation and Contract Monitoring
  • Compilation of Meeting Material and Attendance at all Board Meetings
  • Manager ON-CALL 24/7 for emergencies
  • Training for New Board Members
  • Training for Committees


The founder of Encore Property Management worked as a project accountant for a prominent Southern California developer for over ten years. We are well versed and understand the needs of new projects and their start up. To that end, we offer the following services to Developers:

New Communities & Builder Services

  • Architectural Review Standards and Guidelines
  • Homeowner Orientation Seminars
  • Committee Charters and Support
  • Forward Planning Meeting Attendance

Association Set Up Services (Prior to 1st Close of Escrow)

  • Filing for Tax I.D. and Exemption Status
  • Secure Insurance
  • Coordination with Escrow Companies
  • Preparation of Welcome Letter for all New Homeowners
  • Preparation of Architectural Standards (if desired)
  • Preparation of Rules and Regulations (if desired)

Annexation of Common Area Amenities

  • Review of Final Subdivision Public Reports, Grant Deeds and Tract Maps
  • Tracking of Grant Deeds
  • Tracking of Maintenance Assessment Bond Releases
  • Filing of County Assessors Grant Deed to ensure deletion from tax roll/No Situs status
  • Coordination of site inspection meetings
  • Utility transition